Breath-holding spells, in and of themselves, are not typically fatal. They are considered benign and generally resolve on their own as a child grows older. However, there have been rare cases where complications associated with breath-holding spells have resulted in serious outcomes.

Although uncommon, severe breath-holding spells can potentially lead to loss of consciousness, which could result in injury if the child falls or hits their head during the episode. In some cases, a child may experience a seizure after losing consciousness. It’s important to note that these severe complications are rare.

It’s crucial for parents or caregivers to consult a healthcare professional if their child experiences breath-holding spells to ensure an accurate diagnosis and rule out any underlying medical conditions that may require further evaluation or treatment.

If you have concerns about your child’s breath-holding spells or have witnessed a severe episode, it’s recommended to seek medical advice to receive proper guidance and reassurance.

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